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Collect Product FeedbackCollect Product FeedbackCollect Product FeedbackCollect Product Feedback

How does it work?

Collect Product Feedback

Collect Product Feedback

Capture feedback on your standalone feedback page or directly from your app by embedding our widget. Collect feedback from apps like Slack, Salesforce etc.

Analyse and Organise Feedback

Analyse and Organise Feedback

Respond to your customers on feedback, change status, allow others users to vote on feedback and organise feedback from all channels in one centralised place.

Plan and Make Decisions Accordingly

Plan and Make Decisions Accordingly

Use the feedback to understand what your users want the most and plan your roadmap accordingly.

Share and Announce Product Updates

Share and Announce Product Updates

Announce your latest updates, changelogs and features and keep everyone updated and engaged.

How it can fit your needs?

Track Feature Requests

Keep track of product feedback

Track Feature Requests

All feature requests in one organized place.
No more feedback scattered across spreadsheets and conversations.

Gather Bug Reports

Empower your team & customers to report bugs inside your web app, without driving developers crazy.

And many more...

Announce Product Changes

Update and engage users effortlessly.

Share your important news and updates

Create and schedule posts to keep your users and site visitors in the know. Use visual content like images, videos and gifs to get even more engagement.

Share upcoming features

(Coming soon)

Don't make feedback collection feel like a black hole. Communicate decisions by updating the posts status.
Notify customers about new features to drive engagement
Show all teammates what's coming up in product

Pay as you grow

A small monthly fee is a lot less than the cost of building something nobody ends up using.



100 tracked users+$10 / additional 100 usersAll Core Features

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200 tracked users+$20 / additional 200 usersAll Core Features
+ Custom Domain       + Whitelabel

No credit card required.


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